Name: NIST-MEP Technology Acceleration Project
Key: partnership
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Description: Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC ) Project title: Technology Acceleration Proposed project duration: 3 years Year 1 funding from NIST MEP: $850,000 Year 1 non-federal cost share: $112,767 Total multi-year project cost (est.): $2,691,395 Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center, the NIST MEP affiliate in Texas, will use innovative and collaborative approaches to develop and demonstrate: 1) Data Standards for a needs analysis and assessment tool, known as Asset Inventory Management focused on MEP's five Strategic Growth Areas; 2) benefits of Technology Acceleration training, including Technology Scouting and Technology Driven Market Intelligence; and, 3) a methodology that places MEP in a position to connect technology sources—including private, federal and university-based—with U.S. manufacturers. For more information contact: Drew Casani (817) 272-5985