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h4. Welcome to the home of the Spring-2012 CSE 5324 Team 6 space.

We are maintaining this space for a reference of our work progress on term project. As a requirement of this course, we are working on developing our Android App named MACtivity.
MACtivity is designed to aid UTA students, faculty and guests to plan their activity in Maverick Activities Center. Users can schedule their weekly routine as well as invite friends to play in group.

Our team members are:
* Sanjay Vasudeva Iyer
* Shwetha Narayan
* Hardik Shah
* Khandaker Moinur Rahman
* Yu Xuan Zhan

To get a list of our documentation, please follow the link [Collection of Documents|] 
This space will be regularly updated during the term project. So, please stay connected.


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