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h3. Benchmarking

h4. Preparation

# Measure document size in inches
# Number of Pages
# Number of Columns
# Other information such as condition (fragile, damages, things that may affect the OCR or need special attention)
# [Record information|Mexican War Collection statistics]

h4. Scanning

Scan using Scan Perfect Version 3 with Canon ImageFORMULA DR-7090C scanner (if you try using Adobe Acrobat with the larger documents you will get an "out of memery (4500) error)

# Scan as 24 bit color at 600 dpi
# for testing also scan as Advanced Text Enhancement (a setting in Capture Perfect) at 600 dpi
# [Record scanning time|Mexican War Collection statistics] 
# Note problems as needed

Save as MexicanWarColl_18470601.PDF/A in folder C:\MexicanWarCollection

h4. OCR

# Use OmniPage 17 Professional to perform OCR
# [Record OCR time|Mexican War Collection statistics]
# [Record proofreading time|Mexican War Collection statistics]
# Note problems as needed