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The questions and answers listed here are referring to the three undergraduate degrees offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department. 

Registration related announcement: prerequisite changes in the 17-18 catalog

Please note some changes in prerequisites that may affect your planning of courses

- CSE 4308 (Artificial Intelligence) now has prerequisites: only IE 3301 and Professional Level (CSE 3315 was removed).

- CSE 3311 (OO Software Engineering) now has CSE 3310 as a PRErequisite. 

- CSE 3313 (Signal Processing) has CSE 2320 and CSE 3380 as prereqs (IE 3301 was removed)

CSE 4308 (Artificial Intelligence) is REQUIRED for students in the Computer Science (CS) major under the 17-18 Catalog. (These are students who started at UTA during the 17-18 Academic year or who chose to move forward to this catalog).

Fall 2017 -Special topics classes

    - 4392- 001 - Special topics: Secure Programming - Prereq: Professional level and CSE 3320 (Operating Systems)

Q: WAITLIST FAQ page: http://www.uta.edu/records/courses/policies/wait-list.php

Q: I know that some courses are not offered every semester. What courses are those?

**** Note that the information below about courses/semester is not a guarantee. It simply presents trends from the past. ** IT IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR THE FUTURE.  ** 

Also see the list of classes offered in previous semesters: http://cse.uta.edu/current-students/courses-catalog-schedules.php or use MyMav Schedule of classes to search for previous semesters.

Fall only:

- CSE 3323 Electronics for Computer Engineering

- CSE 3442 Embedded Systems 1

- CSE 4308 Artificial Intelligence I

- CSE 4323 Quantitative Computer Architecture - (as of 3/30/17, the plan is to offer it both Spring and Fall)

- CSE 4334 Data Mining  (may be offered in the Spring as well if there is sufficient need)

- CSE 4345 Computational Methods ***** Note that this class is offered this Fall (2015), but it may be rarely offered after that.

- CSE 4361 Software Design Patterns 

- CSE 4378 Introduction to Unmanned Vehicle Systems

- CSE 4380 Information Security  (it has been offered in the Fall for the last 3 years)

- CSE 4360 Autonomous Robot Design and Programming (offered in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017)

Spring only:

- CSE 3311 Object-Oriented Software Engineering (offered in Fall 2017 as well)

- CSE 3313 Introduction to Signal Processing

- CSE 4303 Computer Graphics

- CSE 4305 Compilers for Algorithmic Languages

- CSE 4321 Software Testing and Maintenance  (also offered Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Fall 2017)

- CSE 4342 Embedded Systems II

No specific semester:

- CSE 4351 Parallel Processing (offered in Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Summer 2017) (not offered Fall 2016, Spring 2017)

- CSE 4340 Mobile Systems Engineering  (offered in Summer 2017)

Rarely only:

- CSE 4319 Modeling and Simulation

Q: How do I know what courses are offered this semester?

Go to MyMav (you do not need to log in),  click 'Schedule of Classes'.
To select the term use numbers in the appropriate box (you can also select the term by clicking on the magnifying glass):
2158 – for Fall
(Note: the last digit indicates the term (5-summer, 8- Fall, 2-Spring), The middle digits indicate the year. If you want to see what courses were offered in Spring of 2013, you would select the term: 2132)
To get the list of all undergraduate courses, select “less than or equal to” and put 5000 in the course box.
***** As classes are getting full, if the checkbox that says “Show open classes only” is checked, it will NOT list the classes that are full. Uncheck this box, to see all classes.

Q: When does registration open for me?

See the UTA Academic calendar for all dates. The 'Registration begins' date listed in the calendar does not apply to all students. To see your specific date, log in MyMav, and look at the Student Center. On the right side, in a box, it will show your specific date. 

Q: I am under an older Catalog. Do I follow the prerequisites from there?

No. You use that catalog to know what courses you have to take, but use the current catalog to see the prerequisites for the courses.

Q: What do I have to do in order to drop a course?
Before Late Registration - students can drop themselves.

After Late Registration and Before Census Date: need to fill out a Drop Form (download form) and bring it to an Advisor from your major to do the drop. No instructor signature needed. (It will NOT show a W.)

After Census Date and before Last Day to Drop:  you need a Drop Form (download form) *with the instructor's signature*. Take that form to an advisor from your department and they will do the drop. (It will show a W.)

After Last Day to Drop: you can not drop a class anymore, you will get a grade. 

See the Academic Calendar for the dates: https://www.uta.edu/uta/acadcal.php

The drop form can be picked up from an Advisor or downloaded online from: http://cse.uta.edu/current-students/dropform1-23-15.pdf

Q: Where should I go for advising? 
Students are advised by different offices, based on their status. Please read all the cases below:

- Freshman students – University Advising Center www.uta.edu/uac

- Students on probation and students who had a GPA of  less than 2.5 when admitted – Beth Isbell (NH 242, erisbell@uta.edu, 817-272-1294)

- Transfer students and continuing students in good standing – CSE Undergraduate advisors, on a walk-in basis. See the Advising Calendar for walk-in hours.

  • Transfer students seeking to transfer a course taken at any college or university that is international, outside of Texas, or a 4-year institution in Texas, must see Dr. Barasch and request a course evaluation. 
  • Transfer students coming from a 2-year institution from Texas can see any of the CSE Undergraduate advisors.

Q: I have already met with an advisor when I joined UTA. Do I need to see an advisor every semester?

Yes. Students need to see an advisor every semester in order to be cleared to register for classes. Advising for registration starts around mid March (for Summer and Fall registration) and mid October (for Spring registration).     

Q: What courses count as tech electives (CSE courses)?

You need to see the Program Guide for your Major (Computer Science/ Software Engineering/Computer Engineering) from the catalog YEAR that you are under. For example a student that joined UTA in Fall of 2011 as Software Engineering was originally under the 2011-2012 catalog year. If later on he changed to the 2013-2014 catalog year, when looking for courses to use as tech electives in Spring of 2015, he must use the Program Guide for Software Engineering 2013-2014.

Q: I can not see the class that I want to take.

If a class is closed, by default it will not be displayed when you search for classes. There is a small checkbox named "Show Open Classes Only" under the search criteria. That box has to be unchecked in order to view closed classes.

Other possible reasons: the class is not offered this semester (contact an adviser to doublecheck if this is the case) or you selected the wrong term (e.g. Summer term instead of Fall term).

(posted 7/23/15)

Q: I am trying to enroll for a class and there is no "SELECT" button.

If that specific section is already in your shopping cart, you would not have the option to select it again (no 'SELECT' button).

(posted 7/23/15)

Q: The class that I want to take is closed. What should I do?

Put yourself on a waitlist for that class. 

(posted 7/23/15)

Q: How do I put myself on the waitlist for a course?

The way I know, is for when the course is NOT on your shopping cart. Follow the "Enroll" tab. Select the course, above the table (in step 1 or 2) there will be a small check box that indicates that you will get on the waitlist if the class is full. Check it. Continue with enrollment as usual. You will see the class as waitlisted.

Q: I am in a different major and I want to change and take a major offered by the Computer Science and Engineering department. What do I have to do?

Before we accept a student they must have taken Calculus 1 (MATH 1426), CSE 1105 and CSE 1310 and have a GPA of 2.5 or better. If you are interested in coming to our department should meet with one of (a CSE advisor). If you do not have  these 3 courses, or the GPA needed you will remain under your current major and ask your advisor to clear your advising hold and allow you to take the courses that we recommend. If your GPA is good, after you pass these we will change you to our major and you will be able to do all your advising here with us.

Q: Do you offer a minor for each of the three degrees: Computer Science, Software Engineering and Computer Engineering?

No. We offer only one minor. 

Q: Can I get a major in one of the CSE degrees (e.g. Software Engineering) and a minor in another (e.g. Computer Engineering)?

No. You cannot. If you are getting a major in one of the CSE degrees, you cannot also get a CSE minor.

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