Course Project 1

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The course project is the raison d'etre for the course. Teams of 3-4 students will conceptualize, design and implement an innovative proof-of-concept system.

The class will be fairly diverse with representation from various departments in engineering, science, and humanities along with professionals from local industries. E-teams of 3-4 students will be formed after considering various factors like majors, research areas, project requirements, skill-sets and logistical issues. The E-teams shall consult with the course instructor and e-team mentors to identify an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial design project, e.g., research in labs, product ideas that have their genesis in the research labs, or even test systems for products being developed by other teams! Originality of the concept shall be a requirement.


The equipment purchased from the course funds shall be the property of the university and needs to be returned at the end of the semester.

Project options:

  • an open-platform cell-phone for transmitting health information (of remote communities) over GSM
  • a Zigbee-based Wireless Sensor Network for Building Automation
  • PDA based skiing performance enhancer
  • 'Hy-Lion' safety system for a Fuel-cell based hybrid vehicle

*All projects must produce fully functional prototypes*

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