CSE Student Scholarly Experiences & Activities Links

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CSE students are encouraged to participate in scholarly experiences outside of the classroom. Frequent opportunities and links to more information are included below. 

Please also check UTA's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for more information on such activities.

  1. Internships
  2. Student organizations
    1. Engineering student organizations 
    2. CSE student organizations
  3. Undergraduate Research  - This is particularly important if you are considering graduate studies.
    1. See CSE research labs from information about ongoing projects in our department.
    2. Other useful sites are:
      1. NSF page for Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites
      2. MathPrograms.Org Program listings
    3. McNair Scholars Program at UTA
  4. Community service and employment   
    1. K-12 outreach and summer camps
    2. Tutoring (such as SI leaders, IDEAS tutor, peer educator)
    3. Many other non CSE specific opportunities exist such as student mentors, student ambassadors, resident assistants (RAs). (See the CSE Student Services page for more useful links.)
  5. Study abroad 
  6. Hackathons and other contests - See below for CSE participation in recent competitions.
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