CSE Student Scholarly Experiences & Activities

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Below are some of the achievements of our CSE students. If you want to read more information participating in such activities, please check this page

See also Start-up companies founded by CSE students. 


1st Place in the Toyota Connected NLP challenge at Earthack 2017, April 2017

"Their team created a voice and text web page 'bot' (robot) that responded to user queries and comments, uses several Amazon cloud services including voice recognition, AI services, databases and web services to interact with each user. There were 80 teams competing with over 300 members, and Toyota, American Airlines, State Farms and the City of Dallas awarded prizes and recognition."

Team: Venkata Abhinav Konda (Team Leader, Organizer), Ankita Gandhi, Noor Alwachi, Sainish Momin, and Faculty Advisor Professor David LevineTeam: Venkata Abhinav Konda (Team Leader, Organizer), Ankita Gandhi, Noor Alwachi, Sainish Momin, and Faculty Advisor Professor David Levine

UTA-hosted hackaton: HackUTA, September 2017

"UTA hosted its first large-scale hackathon, HackUTA, on September 30th and October 1, 2017. The event was a huge success. There were 723 applications from all over the US and outside the US. 254 people participated and 43 projects were submitted. 

Cameron Moreau - Director of HackUTA, started the initial planning, sponsor relations, lead the core team, lead marketing and financials, lead logistics

Kevin Chung (Graduated, college of business) - Started initial planning, event planning, logistics

Lena Ngungu - Assistant Director of HackUTA, communication & outreach, lead workshops day of the event

Sujan Stha - Lead the volunteers, helped getting involved with other students orgs, logistics 

Arnav Garg - Lead the tech team, worked with volunteers, logistics 

Faculty advisers - Dr. Chris McMurrough and Dr. Gergely Zaruba. 


'Best Scalability ($250)' award at SASEhack competition, Oct. 2016


"Following the motto of 'One man’s trash is the next man’s treasure', in 21 hours we have create an android application to brings NGOs and Donors from all over the world to a common platform so that they can donate materials to the needy ones and share their love. It is like Ebay or Amazon for free goods. By addressing the challenge of social reform and hitting the large audience to rebuild the broken bridge of humanity among humans we provide the large platform to help both, those who are in need and all who want easy and effective way of helping others."

Team: Arjun Vekariya, Mayur Muralidhar, Jai Shah, Aman Nagar, Jay Shah (CSE)

Top Prizes at Texas A&M University Hackathon, Oct. 2016

"There were an excess of 600 participants in 78 teams from Texas and Southwest US universities. UTA CSE students won top prizes in several categories, including many team projects."

Project: TireSafe

Awards: General Motors: Best "mobile" (auto) app -1st Place, Best use of Amazon Web Services (Thanks Cloud Class!)

Team: Deepak Verma, Karthikeyan Rajamani, Utphala Puttananjammagari, Tasnim Makada

Product idea: The project was to nudge car drivers with Computer vision and Machine learning to change their tires on time aiming to reduce accidents & lives lost.  URL: http://devpost.com/software/tiresafe-xwsbv3

From left to right: Utphala Puttananjammagari. Deepak Verma, Tasnim Makada, Kyle(GM),Karthikeyan Rajamani, Grant Brammer (GM) , two additional members of GM on the right

Project: Shotgun

Awards: GM: Best "mobile" (auto) app -2nd Place

Team: Subin Babu, Jerrin Jacob Pollayparambil, Devendra Umbrajkar, Arpitha Anand

Product Idea: SHOTGUN: An app that acts as travel companion which helps with the directions, car maintenance and a place to provide and request for Carpooling services. URL: http://devpost.com/software/shotgun-z6ed2f

From left to right: Subin Babu, Arpitha Anand, Kyle (GM) & two additional GM team members ,Jerrin Jacob Pollayparambil, Devendra Umbrajkar

Project - Foodie

Awards: Best use of any Google API, One of top 10 hacks of TAMU 2016 hackathon.

Team: Shrikant Sarma Kakaraparthi, Sarabjeet Singh Gurnam Pulaha with others

Product Idea: The app uses OCR technology to augment the menu and scan the text and gives information such as images, country of origin of the dish and ingredients of the dish. URL: http://devpost.com/software/foodie-nj3xrt

Project - Safe Haven

Awards: Best Hack against Online Harassment

Team Member: Devi Prasad Tripathy

Product Idea: When user hit the danger button an emergency sms is sent to his/her emergency contact number with a google map url of their location. The app will then start recording video and audio of that situation and will shut down the screen after 5 sec of video recording.URL: http://devpost.com/software/safe-haven

Project - Twitter Fantasy League

Awards: One of top 10 hacks of TAMU 2016 hackathon.

Team Members: Ganeshbabu Thavasimuthu with others

Product Idea: We have built a multiplayer game based out of twitter. Users can just login to the mobile app and play with opponent anywhere in the world.   URL: http://devpost.com/software/twitter-fantasy-league

Project: liquidfire

Team Members: Arnav Garg, Robert Hamilton, Taylor Cowdin and others

Product Idea: We team built a beverage temperature notifier device called Liquid Fire. The device checks the temperature of the beverage (say coffee) and then sends a push notification to the user when it reaches the temperature the user wanted it to be at. URL: http://devpost.com/software/liquidfire


Startup GOZOVA

    Over the past year, myself and 3 other UTA students have been building a company called Gozova. It's an on-demand service that gives consumers a truck when they need it. Rather than renting a UHaul, calling a friend, paying for a delivery service, you can schedule a pickup or request one instantly though our app. Similar to Uber, but for moving, hauling, etc.

    We launched our beta in October 2016, with only an iOS app for the time being. Since then, we've started doing business in the Fort Worth area, attended several pitch competitions and ran a few marketing campaigns in the area. We fully launched this month (March), releasing the Android App and plan on spreading deeper into the Arlington area over the next couple of days.

    So far we’ve been making revenue, have been to several competitions, pitched all over the DFW area, and are currently looking for investment. We’re currently talking to a company in California and another in Fort Worth about funding our seed round. We were also sponsored by a company in Fort Worth called GF17 for free office space to grow our company.

- Cameron Moreau

The Team

- Goran Krndija: Founder & CEO - Finance major at UTA

- Cameron Moreau: Co-Founder & CTO - Computer Science major at UTA

- Kevin Chung: Software Engineer - Graduated UTA 2017 in Information Systems 

- Kolten Sturgill: Software Engineer - Computer Science major at UTA


- Special Presenter at UTA Innovation Day 2017

- Special Presenter at One Million Cups, DFW

- 1st Place - Entrepreneurship Society Pitch Day 2016

- Special Presenter at House of Genius, Arlington

Places we’ve been featured

- FW Weekly Newspaper

Dallas Innovates

- FW Inc Magazine

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