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h2. Links
h4. What is Profile 2.0

following are the links

h3. What is Profile 2.0

The Profile System is a web-based enterprise platform developed by UT Arlington to capture expertise and resources of faculty, staff, students, research centers, labs, etc., to foster collaboration and to enable institutions to organize their resources locally. Profile 2.0 also provides a "one-stop shop" for research resources that can be browsed and searched both internally and externally.

h3. What does Profile 2.0 help me do?
Record professional activities (such as research,  teaching, creative activities, connections,  service, and administration) in a way that facilities required reporting.
Present my professional work to internal and external users in an organized manner. Using the system’s drag-and-drop feature and website editor, you can move your content easily and control your content and privacy.