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h2. Migration Process from Profile 1.0


h2. Profiles and Settings

h3. I'm a new faculty, how do I create my profile?

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h3. How do I edit my profile?

{color:#000000}{*}How do I change my official name?*{color}

{color:#000000}{*}How do I edit my title?*{color}

h3. How do I edit my title?

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h3. I have more than one titles, how do I add all of them? 

h3. How do I change my profile URL?

h3. How do I change my picture using a web link?

h3. Why am I receiving email notifications from Profile 2.0?

h3. How do I rearrange the order of section items?

h3. Can I order each Category?

h3. Where can I add activity that doesn't fit into a section?

h3. Is there an option to not disclose the amount of funds awarded?

h3. Appointments

h3. Memberships

h3. Awards and Honors

h3. Presentations

h3. Courses

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h4. Where can students access uploaded syllabus?

h2. Troubleshooting