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*Top Prizes at Texas A&M University Hackathon, Oct. 2016*

"There were an excess of 600 participants in 78 teams from Texas and Southwest US universities. UTA CSE students won top prizes in several categories, including many team projects."

TAMU HACK team projects-UTA

Project: TireSafe

Awards: General Motors: Best "mobile" (auto) app \-1{^}st^ Place, Best use of Amazon Web Services (Thanks Cloud Class\!)

Team: Deepak Verma, Karthikeyan Rajamani, Utphala Puttananjammagari, Tasnim Makada

Product idea: The project was to nudge car drivers with Computer vision and Machine learning to change their tires on time aiming to reduce accidents & lives lost.  URL: [http://devpost.com/software/tiresafe-xwsbv3|http://devpost.com/software/tiresafe-xwsbv3]

Project: Shotgun

Awards: GM: Best "mobile" (auto) app \-2{^}nd^ Place

Team: Subin Babu, Jerrin Jacob Pollayparambil, Devendra Umbrajkar, Arpitha Anand

Product Idea: SHOTGUN: An app that acts as travel companion which helps with the directions, car maintenance and a place to provide and request for Carpooling services. URL: [http://devpost.com/software/shotgun-z6ed2f|http://devpost.com/software/shotgun-z6ed2f]

Project \- Foodie

Awards: Best use of any Google API, One of top 10 hacks of TAMU 2016 hackathon.

Team: Shrikant Sarma Kakaraparthi, Sarabjeet Singh Gurnam Pulaha with others

Product Idea: The app uses OCR technology to augment the menu and scan the text and gives information such as images, country of origin of the dish and ingredients of the dish. URL: [http://devpost.com/software/foodie-nj3xrt|http://devpost.com/software/foodie-nj3xrt]

Project \- Safe Haven

Awards: Best Hack against Online Harassment

Team Member: Devi Prasad Tripathy

Product Idea: When user hit the danger button an emergency sms is sent to his/her emergency contact number with a google map url of their location. The app will then start recording video and audio of that situation and will shut down the screen after 5 sec of video recording.URL: [http://devpost.com/software/safe-haven|http://devpost.com/software/safe-haven]

Project \- Twitter Fantasy League

Awards: One of top 10 hacks of TAMU 2016 hackathon.

Team Members: Ganeshbabu Thavasimuthu with others

Product Idea: We have built a multiplayer game based out of twitter. Users can just login to the mobile app and play with opponent anywhere in the world.   URL: [http://devpost.com/software/twitter-fantasy-league|http://devpost.com/software/twitter-fantasy-league]

Project: liquidfire

Team Members: Arnav Garg, Robert Hamilton, Taylor Cowdin and others

Product Idea: We team built a beverage temperature notifier device called Liquid Fire. The device checks the temperature of the beverage (say coffee) and then sends a push notification to the user when it reaches the temperature the user wanted it to be at. URL: [http://devpost.com/software/liquidfire|http://devpost.com/software/liquidfire]

*'Best Scalability ($250)' award* *at SASEhack competition, Oct. 2016*

{color:#000000}"Their team created a voice and text web page 'bot' (robot) that responded to user queries and comments, uses several Amazon cloud services including voice recognition, AI services, databases and web services to interact with each user. There were 80 teams competing with over 300 members, and Toyota, American Airlines, State Farms and the City of Dallas awarded prizes and recognition."{color}
Team: Venkata Abhinav Konda (Team Leader, Organizer), Ankita Gandhi, Noor Alwachi, Sainish Momin, and Faculty Advisor Professor David LevineTeam: Venkata Abhinav Konda (Team Leader, Organizer), Ankita Gandhi, Noor Alwachi, Sainish Momin, and Faculty Advisor Professor David Levine

*Startup* *[GOZOVA|http://gozova.co/]*

\- FW Inc Magazine