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The questions and answers listed here are referring to the three undergraduate degrees offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department. 
*Registration related announcement: prerequisite changes in the 15-16 17-18 catalog*

Please note some changes in prerequisites that may affect your planning of courses

\- CSE 4308 (Artificial Intelligence) now has prerequisites: CSE 3315 and IE 3301. 
\- CSE 4308 (Artificial Intelligence) now has prerequisites: only IE 3301 and Professional Level (CSE 3315 was removed).

\- CSE 4340 (Mobile Systems Engineering) now has CSE 4344 as a corequisite and CSE 3320 as prerequisite
\- CSE 3311 (OO Software Engineering) now has {color:#ff0000}CSE 3310 as a PRErequisite.{color} 

\- There are some other changes. Check the 2015-2016 prerequisites charts that will be soon be available.
\- CSE 3313 (Signal Processing) has CSE 2320 and CSE 3380 as prereqs (IE 3301 was removed)

CSE 4308 (Artificial Intelligence) is REQUIRED for students in the Computer Science (CS) major under the 17-18 Catalog. (These are students who started at UTA during the 17-18 Academic year or who chose to move forward to this catalog).

{color:#ff0000}{*}Fall 2017{*}{color} *\-*{*}Special topics classes*