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{info}Selecting "Open File" from the MavSpace web interface will only save a local copy of the file and changes will not be saved on the file. A program capable of editing the type of file via webdav should be used. All Microsoft Office products are capable of opening files in this manner.
{warning}Versioning should be turned on for any file being modified by multiple users. Versioning can be turned on from the "Manage" page for a specific file. A folder can also be set with a default versioning setting that will automatically version any files placed in it.
h1. Open the file using the appropriate Microsoft Office Application
# Open the Office Program
# Select File\->Open
# paste the "Full URL" into the Filename field
#* the "Full URL" can be retrieved by viewing the properties of the file from the "Manage" button of the MavSpace web interface
#* ideally, this will be supplied by the user who created the file
#* IntelliLink URLs can not be opened in this manner
# when prompted by the program enter your netid and password to access the file
#* this assumes you have been granted proper access rights to the file
# the file will be locked by the Office program and should show something similar to:
{warning}Be considerate to others who might be editing the file. When the file is locked, other users will only be able to open the file read-only. File locking helps to avoid changes from one user being overwritten by another user who opened the file for editing at the same time. This feature should be used in conjunction with versioning to ensure file changes are not lost.
# when finished editing, save and close the office program