Profile 2.0

For questions about Mentis system, please refer to the guideline here . This guideline assumes that you have already logged in to mentis. 

How do I change my profile URL?

The profile URL is the unique, fully-qualified link to your profile on Mentis. The profile URL can be created from your unique NetID. If you wish to change your profile URL, please follow the instructions mentioned here in this video, .

Why am I receiving email notifications from Profile 2.0?

You will receive notifications when there is action(s) that needs your attention. For example, adding a syllabus to your course by a particular deadline.

How do I hide individual entries from my public profile?

Go to your ‘Personal profile’. Then ‘edit’ the entry you want to hide. When you add/edit and entry, there is an option you can check to ‘Hide from public’. Please note that not all section will allow you to hide from public. Watch video

How do I rearrange the order of section items?

Although some section items cannot be rearranged, those than can be rearranged are easy to manage. Go to a section for which you would like to rearrange the order. Click on the ‘Rearrange’ button. Upon doing so, a square icon with directional areas will appear next to each item. To move you have to click and hold down while dragging the item into the correct position. When you finish rearranging, click on ‘Done Rearranging’ to save. Watch video

Can I order each Category?

No, not at this time.

Can I change the order of the Sections under each Category?

No, not at this time.

How do I assign an editor to manage my profile?

Go to ‘Personal Profile’ and then ‘Settings’ >  ‘Manage Editor(s)’

Then you can search and ‘Add Editor’. Once they are added you click on ‘Edit’ next to their name to set their permissions.

When you click on 'Edit' in the Existing editor tab above, the below window will pop-up to modify the permissions for the Editor. You can toggle the ON/OFF options to grant access to modify the profile. When you turn ON the permission for 'Edit Profile Section', the 'Section Privileges' will appear. Here, you can manage Editor access to edit Category in each Tabbed Section. Click on 'Done' to save changes.

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Where can I add activity that doesn't fit into a section?

Each category has an ‘Other Activity’ section at the very bottom that will allow you to add miscellaneous items that don’t fit into a particular section. Here you can add a title, description, add links and upload supporting documentation. Watch video

Is there an option to not disclose the amount of funds awarded?

As a matter of ensuring full transparency of the public record, it is advised that you indicate award amounts for any work that has been supported in your capacity as an employee of the state. The only exceptions might be in the case that the entity supporting your work has explicitly indicated that a dollar amount ought not be reported or in the case that disclosure of the amount would reveal potentially sensitive information.


Professional Preparation

How do I add an entry in the Professional Preparation section?

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How do I add an appointment?

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How do I add an entry in the Memberships section?

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Awards and Honors

How do I add an entry in the ‘Awards and Honors’ section?

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How do I add a presentation?

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How do I add a course and upload a syllabus?

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How to I replace a previously uploaded syllabus with a revised one?

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How do I upload syllabus by using drag and drop?

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How do I upload a file ?

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Where can students access uploaded syllabus?


How do I clear browser caching?

Your internet browser's cache stores certain information about websites you visit, so that they'll load quickly in the future. Here is a useful link on how to clear the cache for all major browsers:'s-Cache.

How do I disable Adblock?

Adblock Plus is a free downloadable add-on for Internet browsers that helps stop pop-up advertisements as well as other interruptions. Adblock plugins may be disruptive to loading "Membership" modules in Mentis and should be disabled for the website.