Christoph's Answers to Frequently Asked Application Questions

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If you are considering CSE@UTA for your M.S. or Ph.D. studies and have a question for me, please read the following. This page is a collection of questions I received from students, together with my answers. If your question is not answered on this page, please indicate so when contacting me.

  • Is there any kind of lucid topic in software engineering, I may attempt to do [my] undergraduate project on? I would recommend you look into dynamic symbolic execution. If you know C# or any other .Net language, check out Pex for fun. If you know Java, try our own Dsc tool.
  • What are the probable research areas in UTA under Software Engineering? Please check the web pages of the software engineering faculty and students. After that, contact us with further questions.
  • For which program should I apply (M.S. or Ph.D.)? I have a plan for long term research on this area and financial aid is also essential for me. As a Ph.D. student your chances for financial support will be higher. Besides, you can indicate on your application that you want to be considered for the M.S. program in case you are not accepted into the Ph.D. program.
  • I found your field of interest (Software Engineering, Program analysis) matched with my interest and skills. I will be happy if you take a look at my CV and let me know your idea about it. Your CV looks fine, but all admission decisions are made by a committee of several professors (and I am currently not part of that committee).
  • Do you have a position open for a research student? Yes, I am always looking for strong research students. So I do encourage you to apply at UTA.
  • Can I count on your help in this way? I will get a good score in the Math part of the GRE. Great! Please see my answer to the previous question.
  • Is it possible that I can get admission into the Ph.D. program without having a Masters? Yes.
  • Should I apply at your institution? Yes.

Finally, the following questions all have the same answer. Please read them as a switch statement that does not contain any breaks or other jump instructions.

  • Do I meet your admission requirements?
  • How many students are generally admitted in [software engineering] in UTA?
  • I shall be grateful if you kindly respond to my query regarding prospect of admission as well as financial assistance.
  • Whom should I send [my] pre-application? Please visit our graduate study web site at If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Khalili.
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