CSE 6324 (Spring 2014)

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  • CSE 6324 - Advanced Topics in Software Engineering (Spring 2014)
  • Section 001
  • Class Number 24257

Class Meetings





Topic: Program Analysis

This course is a hands-on introduction to automatic program analysis. Automatic program analysis has many applications such as the following.


  • All deadlines are Monday 9 am.

Day Tentative Class Topic Deadline
1/13 Overview, syllabus  
1/15 Basic concepts  
1/20 Martin Luther King, Jr's Day (no class) Form teams
1/22 Basic concepts  
1/27 Sandhya: How do professional developers comprehend software? (presentation slide)  
1/29 Joshan: Boa: A Language and Infrastructure for Analyzing Ultra-Large-Scale Software Repositories (presentation slide)  
2/03 Presentation, feedback Incept project
2/05 Jinhui & Ang: Debug all your code: Portable mixed-environment debugging (presentation slide)  
2/10 Shaosong: Debugging Reinvented: Asking and Answering Why and Why Not Questions about Program Behavior. (presentation slide) Review inception
2/12 Quiz, Yuanhang: Dynamically discovering likely program invariants to support program evolution (presentation slide)  
2/17 Mahesh & Sameeulla: Abstracting Runtime Heaps for Program Understanding (presentation slide)  
2/19 Yu: Feedback-directed random test generation (presentation slide)  
2/24 Presentation, feedback Iteration 1
2/26 Praveen Kumar: Korat: automated testing based on Java predicates (presentation slide)  
3/03 Sumera & Nagaratna: An Orchestrated Survey on Automated Software Test Case Generation (presentation slide) Review iteration 1
3/05 Quiz, Sahul: Finding bugs is easy (presentation slide)  
3/10 Spring Vacation (no class)  
3/12 Spring Vacation (no class)  
3/17 Venkata Satwik: Residual Investigation: Predictive and Precise Bug Detection (presentation slide) Homework 1
3/19 Long: Program slicing (presentation slide)  
3/24 Presentation, feedback: Code walkthrough Iteration 2
3/26 Hui & Hao: Strictly Declarative Specification of Sophisticated Points-to Analyses (presentation slide)  
3/31 Shuang & Bo: Return-Oriented Programming: Systems, Languages, and Applications (presentation slide) Review iteration 2
4/02 Quiz, Preetham: The Core of the Matter: Analyzing Malicious Traffic in Cellular Carriers (presentation slide)  
4/07 Yi: Ether: Malware analysis via hardware virtualization extensions (presentation slide) Homework 2
4/09 Yang & Jiayan: TaintDroid: An Information-Flow Tracking System for Realtime Privacy Monitoring on Smartphones (presentation slide)  
4/14 Presentation, feedback: Code walkthrough Iteration 3
4/16 Gauri: Data clone detection and visualization in spreadsheets (presentation slide)  
4/21 Pratik: Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing (presentation slide) Review iteration 3
4/23 Quiz, Raghuveer: Android permissions demystified, Student Feedback Day  
4/28 Final presentation Final deliverables
4/30 Final presentation  

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