CSE 4322_5325 (Fall 2012)

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Project Requirements

  1. Your software should run on the Google Android platform. This means, with your instructions, I should be able to run your code on the standard Android emulator I have installed on my machine. Similarly, with your instructions, your test cases should run on my standard JUnit installation, etc.
  2. Additional requirements TBA.


  • All project deadlines are on Monday at 9 am.
  • (VV X) = X in Hans van Vliet textbook.

Day Tentative Class Topic Project Deadline
8/27 Overview, syllabus, motivation (The development abstraction layer)  
8/29 TouchDevelop, Fall 2011 class experiment  
9/03 Labor Day Form teams
9/05 UTA Writing Center, Project Plan (VV Chapter 2, Iceberg secret, Five worlds)  
9/10 Presentation, feedback (Giving technical presentations) Incept project
9/12 Software Life Cycle (VV Chapter 3, Set your priorities, How to be a program manager, Software inventory)  
9/17 Presentation, feedback Revise inception
9/19 More on Software Life Cycle  
9/24 More on Software Life Cycle, Configuration Management (VV Chapter 4, Distributed version control), People management (VV Chapter 5, Two stories)  
9/26 Quiz, more on People management, Fagan inspection (Doolan92Experience) and reviews  
10/01 Eknauth Persaud, Ayoka  
10/03 Rosauro Manansala, Sabre  
10/08 Marc D. Marchand, City of Arlington Iteration 1
10/10 Presentation, feedback  
10/15 More on People management, Managing software quality (VV Chapter 6, Measurement, Joel Test, IROP) Review iteration 1
10/17 Quiz, Cost estimation (VV Chapter 7, Sharecropping, COCOMO2, Use-Case Points)  
10/22 John H. Robb, Lockheed Martin Homework 1
10/24 More on Cost estimation  
10/29 Presentation, feedback Iteration 2
10/31 Tool presentations  
11/05 ABET SE Undergrad in CSE 4322 ==> ERB 131, ELSE ==> ERB 103 Review iteration 2
11/07 Quiz, More on Cost estimation  
11/12 Project planning & control (VV Chapter 8) Homework 2
11/14 More on Project planning & control, Software testing (VV Chapter 13, CFG, Usability testing, Usability.gov, Mr. Null)  
11/19 Presentation, feedback: Code walkthrough Iteration 3
11/21 Presentation, feedback: Code walkthrough  
11/26 More Software testing, Software maintenance (VV Chapter 14, Refactoring) Review iteration 3
11/28 Quiz, more software maintenance (How to write unmaintainable code), Student Feedback Survey  
12/03 Final presentation Final deliverables
12/05 Final presentation  

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