CSE 4322 (Fall 2014)

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  • CSE 4322 - Software Project Management (Fall 2014)
  • Section 001
  • Class Number 81553

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Description of Course Content from Course Catalog

Introduction to software project management. Issues include effort estimation and costing, project planning and scheduling, option analysis, software quality assurance, and formal technical reviews. Prerequisite: CSE 3310.


  • All deadlines (homework & project-related) are on Monday at 9 am.
  • (VV X) = X in Hans van Vliet textbook.

Day Tentative Class Topic Deadline
8/25 Overview, syllabus, motivation (The development abstraction layer, Oregon vs. Oracle)  
8/27 Software maintenance (VV Chapter 14)  
9/01 Labor Day: No class Form teams
9/03 UTA Writing Center, Software maintenance (Refactoring, Scala, How to write unmaintainable code)  
9/08 Team presentation (Giving technical presentations) Team deliverable 1
9/10 Software maintenance  
9/15 Project background  
9/17 Quiz, Software maintenance  
9/22 Team presentation Team deliverable 2
9/24 Testing (VV Chapter 13, CFG, Usability testing, Usability.gov, Mr. Null)  
09/29 Testing  
10/01 Configuration Management (VV Chapter 4, Distributed version control, Git, Mercurial)  
10/06 Team presentation Team deliverable 3
10/08 Review and Walkthrough  
10/13 Quiz, Fagan inspection (Doolan92Experience, Cisco)  
10/15 John Robb  
10/20 Team presentation Team deliverable 4
10/22 Project planning & control (VV Chapter 8)  
10/27 Marc Marchand Homework 1
10/29 More project planning & control  
11/03 Team presentation Team deliverable 5
11/05 Quiz, Cost estimation (VV Chapter 7, Sharecropping, COCOMO2, Use-Case Points, Erlang)  
11/10 More cost estimation Homework 2
11/12 Managing software quality (VV Chapter 6, Measurement, IROP, Fall 2011 class experiment)  
11/17 More software quality  
11/19 People management (VV Chapter 5, Two stories)  
11/24 Team presentation Team deliverable 6
11/26 More people management, Software Life Cycle (VV Chapter 3, Set your priorities, How to be a program manager, Software inventory, Zumwalt)  
12/01 Jay Henderson  
12/03 Quiz, Project Plan (VV Chapter 2, Iceberg secret, Five worlds, Joel Test), Student Feedback Survey  

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Effort estimation and costing

Project planning and scheduling

Software quality assurance

Code reviews


Configuration management



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