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Bugs (Show Stoppers)

Bugs (Minor)

  1. When I click Tech Acceleration Survey, I do not see any needs. At the bottom of the screen are the following errors: Notice: "Error in XXXX (message hidden for security purpose)" Check ticket for more information.
    1. Resolution: Valid bug, fixed and deployed
  2. Do not white-out screen when submitting feedback, it makes it difficult to copy error messages.
    1. Resolution: Valid bug
  3. Address is entered when the company is setup...but it asks for the same information when you fill out the "add a need".
    1. Resolution: Valid bug requires adding of help text to resolve ambiguity (no code change required)
  4. Error message that the web page is not available when first accessed from a browser.
    1. Resolution: Valid bug.
    2. Possible suspect: Server side issue.
    3. Work around: Just hit refresh once. The error doesn't appear after that.


  1. When I click on Add a Need it asks me to add a company. If I cannot add a need without a company name, I recommend you make that clear.
    1. Resolution: Valid bug, fixed and deployed.
  2. Who is the primary user of this system? The process flow and terminology seem very techy and academic.

Schema Modifications

  1. The options on the Development Status pull down are not self-explanatory. They don’t appear to be phases of development.
    1. Options which the user normally uses are:
      1. Pre-concept
      2. Beta test (e.g., fail fast, fail cheap, get smart)
      3. Patent Pending
      4. Marketing test
      5. Pre-production
      6. Production
      7. Launch
  2. Under the "Solutions" drop down...I found what I was looking for in the secondary lookup that I would have liked to have seen in the primary solution dropdown
    1. Resolution: Have asked the concerned person regarding which sub-category would better be a category. Once we get the information from the person we will discuss and incorporate the decision outcome as soon as possible.
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