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Migration Process from Profile 1.0

How do I migrate my data from the old profile system?

You have several options to migrate your data in which our support team is here to help you along the way. To get started go to:

Enter your NETID and Password. You will be taken to the migration process page to select how you want to proceed. Select your Profile Type and then select from the three available options to migrate your data.

      1     Start is a clean slate and enter your information manually, yourself.
      2     Migrate as much data as possible automatically (recommended).
             You will receive an email notification with a report of what was successfully migrated along with what wasn't migrated with recommended action to take to finish the process yourself manually.

      3     Migrate as much data automatically and let our support team manually enter the unsuccessful data what couldn't be migrated.

I'm a new faculty, how do I create my profile?

Note : To create a new personal profile without migration select the below option and choose "Create my profile"


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