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For questions about Mentis system, please refer to the guideline here. This guideline assumes that you have already logged in to Mentis.

Accessing the Grant Management Application

You must log in to Mentis before you can access the Grant Management Application. For instruction on how to log in to Mentis, refer to this help guide. After you have logged in, look for the "Applications" section on the left side of the page. If the "Grant Management" link is there, you can click that to access the application. If not, click on "More Applications," and in the page that loads click "Launch" for the Grant Management application.

Starting a New Blue Sheet

Editing a Proposal

Proposal Information

Sponsor Information

Investigators and Collaborators

Regulatory Requirements

Special Considerations

Proposed Budget

Cost Share Information

Adding Account Holders

Assigning Account Holders to Budgeted Cost Share items

IDC Waiver

IDC Distribution

Multiple Credit System

Additional Features





Saving the Bluesheet

Submitting the Bluesheet

Reviewing the Bluesheet

Updating Award Status


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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