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What is Profile 2.0

The Profile System is a web-based enterprise platform developed by UT Arlington to capture expertise and resources of faculty, staff, students, research centers, labs, etc., to foster collaboration and to enable institutions to organize their resources locally. Profile 2.0 also provides a "one-stop shop" for research resources that can be browsed and searched both internally and externally.

What does Profile 2.0 help me do?

Record professional activities (such as research,  teaching, creative activities, connections,  service, and administration) in a way that facilities required reporting.
Present my professional work to internal and external users in an organized manner. Using the system’s drag-and-drop feature and website editor, you can move your content easily and control your content and privacy.
Organize important professional tasks by generating prioritized To-Do Lists and Updates.

Why do I need to keep my profile up-to-date?

  • Keep colleagues (both near and far) informed of your most recent professional activities
  • Encourage contact from those interested in your work, including the media and potential collaborators
  • Raise UT Arlington's public profile by showcasing the breadth and depth of the faculty's expertise
  • Help the University attract other talented faculty and students
  • Ensure the accuracy of the institution's primary authenticating source for faculty achievements
  • Eliminate the need for multiple (often redundant) reports
  • Ensure that I and my academic unit are in compliance with statutory reporting requirements regarding faculty credential and course syllabuses. (For more information, see UT Arlington’s Handbook of Operating Procedures §6-502 and Texas HB 2504 - 81(R)).

What are the different types of Profile Types?

Your “Personal Profile” serves as your primary profile type. Depending on your affiliation with the University, this personal profile is categorized as either Faculty, Staff or Student (GRAs & GTAs included).

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