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Advising - come prepared for your advising meeting. Have a copy of your transcript.

PAY for classes in a timely manner -- students get dropped from their classes for non-payment several days before the first day of classes. When that happens, a students may not be able to get back into their preferred classes as classes are full at that point.     

Q: Will my programming courses transfer to UTA?

A: We do not transfer programming courses from other institutions, but you can take a suit of tests to place out of our programming courses (CSE 1310, CSE 1320, CSE 1325).

-          1310 test :  intro to programming; Java /C/C+/ Python . This test +must be taken first.

-          1320 test:  knowledge of C (including syntax, pointers and memory allocation).

-          1325 test:  knowledge of C++ and Object Oriented Programming.

For more details about topics covered by each test, see the Test Handout.

All the programming tests must be taken BEFORE the first day of classes. If you have already attempted, at UTA, any of the CSE classes, you cannot take the test.

The test is free, but can be taken only once. It is administered in the ERB building room 621.

In order to take the test you must fill out a form and leave it with one of the advisors. Contact Miss Tarrant to schedule the test.

Belinda Tarrant
Senior Secretary, Undergraduate Program Secretary
Office: 622 ERB, Phone : 817-272-3603, Email :

Know the rules and regulations. All the rules below are important. Make sure you understand them. If you have any questions ask an advisor. 
- General Academic Regulations - Read ALL the rules and pay particular attention to: 

  • Schedule Changes (Ads and Drops)
  • State Law - Six Course Drop Limit  
  • State Law - 45 hours to major requirement
  • State Law - Excessive hours 
  • note that if you started classes at UTA in the Fall of 2013 or later and you are a transfer student, you DO NOT qualify for Grade Forgiveness. All the grades you make at UTA will be used in computing your GPA (if you first get and F and then an A in a course, both grades will go into your GPA).

- College of Engineering Academic Regulations - Read all the rules.

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