CSE Student Start-up Companies

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Here is information about start-up companies founded by CSE students.


Over the past year, myself and 3 other UTA students have been building a company called Gozova. It's an on-demand service that gives consumers a truck when they need it. Rather than renting a UHaul, calling a friend, paying for a delivery service, you can schedule a pickup or request one instantly though our app. Similar to Uber, but for moving, hauling, etc.

    We launched our beta in October 2016, with only an iOS app for the time being. Since then, we've started doing business in the Fort Worth area, attended several pitch competitions and ran a few marketing campaigns in the area. We fully launched this month (March), releasing the Android App and plan on spreading deeper into the Arlington area over the next couple of days.

    So far we’ve been making revenue, have been to several competitions, pitched all over the DFW area, and are currently looking for investment. We’re currently talking to a company in California and another in Fort Worth about funding our seed round. We were also sponsored by a company in Fort Worth called GF17 for free office space to grow our company.

- Cameron Moreau

The Team

Goran Krndija: Founder & CEO - Finance major at UTA

Cameron Moreau: Co-Founder & CTO - Computer Science major at UTA

Kevin Chung: Software Engineer - Graduated UTA 2017 in Information Systems 

Kolten Sturgill: Software Engineer - Computer Science major at UTA


- Special Presenter at UTA Innovation Day 2017

- Special Presenter at One Million Cups, DFW

- 1st Place - Entrepreneurship Society Pitch Day 2016

- Special Presenter at House of Genius, Arlington

Places we’ve been featured

- FW Weekly Newspaper

Dallas Innovates

- FW Inc Magazine

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