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Telerik is our Functional Test Automation tool.

Features of Telerik

  1. Less Expensive then most other tools in the market
  2. Mobile Testing capability
  3. Load Testing Capability
  4. works with all browsers
  5. Easy record and playback to create tests
  6. Verifications, conditional logic and ability to add code
  7. Good Documentation and support
  8. Can easily create support tickets, access documentation or submit bugs from tool itself.
  9. can schedule tests on remote machines.

Telerik Documentation -

Telerik links

UT Dallas contacts

No Name Title email Phone
1 Abhijt Das      
2 Karthiek Satyagari Analyst  
3 Chaitra Prabhu Analyst  


Zachary Shuster
Product Specialist, Telerik Testing Tools           direct +1 857-702-4500
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