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Tests for ServiceNow
Test Incident
   Create Incident from Portal
   Create Incident from ITIL Provider Side
   Resolve Incident
   Parent & Child Incident
 Test Generic Request
      Create Request from Portal
      Create Request from ITIL Provider Side
      Resolve Request
      Add task to Request
      Complete task
      Add notes to request
Custom Request Workflows
   Workflows for Accounts & Access
      Affiliate or Non-UTA Employee Access
      Departmental Network Drive Access
      ImageNow Access
      CMS Access
      Database Account - Create Account or Password Reset
      Temporary Access to a Disabled Account
      Job Applicant - Account Unlock or Password Reset
      My Mav Access
      UTShare Access
      UTA Flow Access
      PeopleSoft LDAP Access
      RDS/Discoverer Access
      RDS/Dioscoverer Password Reset
      Research Network Access
      SFTP Access to MyMav Server
     Server & Storage
      Box Storage Request
      Modify Server Request
      Provision Server Request
   Desktop or Lab Hardware & Software
      Standard Computer Setup
      Hardware or Software Installation
      Network Printer Setup
      Re-purpose/Re-image Computer
      Hardware or Software Recommendatuion
   Network & Telecomm
      Domain Name Service
      Static IP Address Request
      Cable Pull Request
      Installation of Wireless Access
   Email & Communication
      Shared (Resource) or Room Mailbox Access
      Create Resource or Room Mailbox
      New Distribution Group or Listserv Request
      Urgent Clearance Request
      New ImageNow Process
Other Items in ITSA
   My Tickets
   Browser testing of ServiceNow
      microsoft edge
         Request Notification
      Major Incident
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