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Issues encountered so far

Tool is Complicated to use

The basic record and playback works easy but any functionality more deeper is tough to understand and use.

 For PeopleSoft it is easy to record and play back tests.

But when recording ServiceNow tests there were a lot of issues finally we got a contractor for 10 hours he helped with some of the issues and I learnt some new stuff but I still encounter new roadblocks hence we stopped working with automating ServiceNow.

Lack of good training

There is no week long face to face training like most tools have.The 4 hour training is a rush and not much useful. Bought the video training, it is fine.

Support is just mediocre

We keep running into issues very often the support usually answers within 24 hours.  No phone support usually.

Blogs and other documentation is tough to navigate

There is lots of videos blogs and documentation but tough to find what you need inspite of the search and other things provided.

User community not responsive

Did not get much support here too.

Consulting cum training or mentoring

We took 10 hours consulting/mentoring and saved the tests we got for servicenow to address the issues we (test team) were encountering before that.

the consulting was very good and professional but costed 185$ per hour.

We need to finish the hours signed up for within 6 weeks.

There were documents that needed to be signed by the legal department, hence every time we need consulting we have atleast a 1 month wait period with the paper work.

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