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Step 1 Click the Blackboard Meeting Link

Click the sent to you by the meeting organizer in an email..

Step 2  Give Display name  

Then put your name in the display name and click submit in the following screen.

At the bottom left of the screen,  

You will see the following message 

Step 3 Click the  Keep button

Now at the bottom left of the screen the following icon appears. 

Step 4 Click the join.jnlp file

As soon as you click that,  The Java 7 icon appears as follows for a few seconds

Then verifying application screen appears as follows.

Then the blackboard screen appears.

Click the OK button

Final screen appears as

.  You can view the screen the moderator shows you.  You could do other things depending on what permissions the moderator gave you.

Now you can chat, share screen and also video if you have a webcam.

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