US Mexico War workflow

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US MEXICO WAR workflow

  • List of items to be scanned received from someone in the Center for Southwestern Studies
  • Items, along with as much metadata as is available will then be entered into the items-to-scan spreadsheet on Walnut.
  • This spreadsheet is used to fill out the Request Form for Special Collections. The completed forms go to the assigned person in SpCo. (At this time we don’t have a specific contact person. Lea retired and Brenda is now head of that section.)
  • SpCo staff will fill out the tracking paperwork for their group and then file it in the white binder. They notify our contact person that the items are ready.
  • When picking up, check the physical items against the items-to-scan spreadsheet. Note and call attention to the items that have a discrepancy so we can determine if it is the right item. Check it off the items to scan spreadsheet,  sign the request slip and the sheet in the binder. This lets the SpCo staff know what items we have. (When returning make sure the items are marked as returned. Don’t leave until they have been, we don’t cause problems at a later time.
  • Determine where to scan the items. If it is an oversized item it can be scanned on the Kic scanner in SpCo. If it is a very delicate bound item you may want to ask for help from the SpCo staff and use the book cradles and  spatulas with the Kic scanner. Smaller items can be scanned on the Canon scanner or if it is a sturdy bound item you can use the BookEdge scanner. Save all originals as high quality tiff files.
  • Create derivatives:
  • OCR
  • Text Markkup
  • Preservation ? procedures for uploading to repository need to be determined. I don't have that information
  • Web
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