Mexican War Collection - pilot project

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  1. Measure document size in inches
  2. Number of Pages
  3. Number of Columns
  4. Other information such as condition (fragile, damages, things that may affect the OCR or need special attention)
  5. Record information


Scan using Scan Perfect Version 3 with Canon ImageFORMULA DR-7090C scanner (if you try using Adobe Acrobat with the larger documents you will get an "out of memery (4500) error)

  1. Scan as 24 bit color at 600 dpi
  2. for testing also scan as Advanced Text Enhancement (a setting in Capture Perfect) at 600 dpi
  3. Record scanning time 
  4. Note problems as needed

Save as MexicanWarColl_18470601.PDF/A in folder C:\MexicanWarCollection


  1. Use OmniPage 17 Professional to perform OCR
  2. Record OCR time
  3. Record proofreading time
  4. Note problems as needed


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