Digital Production Calculations

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The ~jwills:Digital Production Calculations Spredsheet calculates the digital conversion and the total digital production time for 210 identified Mexico War Broadsides.  The calculations are based on the benchmarking exercise conducted in May-June 2010 using a sample of the Mexico War Collection.


The calculations:

  • assumes that the staff entering the metadata will be working from translations of the materials
  • does not include translating the documents, designing or building the website, cataloging the materials, staff supervision or project management.  It is purely an estimate of the time required capture and produce the broadsides as quality digital documents
  • does include quality control
Estimated times
  • Digital Conversion time: 23, 630 minutes – includes preparing, scanning, ocring, proofreading the documents and quality control
  • Total Digital Production time: 27, 830 minutes.  This includes the digital conversion time, uploading the multiple file formats, and metadata entry for the database and ResearchCommons
  • Total Digital production time in hours: 464
  • Total Digital production time in months: 7.3 – This is calculated using one student assistant to scan and ocr the documents 15 hours per week (5 days per week, 20 working days per month). This time could be reduced to 4 months using two student assistants for 15 hours per week each.

Digital Production Calculations 

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